Decision-Support System

This DSS assists end users by providing a set of recommendations based on the current status of the system under study. The stream data, as well as the legacy data, originating from sensors or other external devices and relational databases or files containing structured data are collected by sensors networking and data fusion mechanisms, processed and stored to a time series database which can be queried by the DSS to analyse patterns or identify outliers that can generate alerts. The DSS Engine is a rule engine based on Drools and produces alerts and recommendations by combining real time data and results from the DSS Analytics Services.

A real-time demo of the DSS can be seen below:

To access the demo, you will require a password. Please contact the FENIX consortium to obtain one. You may experience reduced functionality of your browser is not configured to allow CORS. An easy way to allow CORS, is to install a browser plugin (e.g. Allow CORS for Chrome).