The ambitious objectives of the Fenix project are:

  • Objective 1  – Defining a set of potential B2B and B2C business models and industrial strategies in several manufacturing sectors.

  • Objective 2 – Implementing novel supply chains focused on the sustainable and functional recycling of secondary raw materials, starting from different waste streams and sectors.

  • Objective 3 – Demonstrating, through a set of dedicated pilot plants, the real implementation of a circular economy, how it could be an enabling factor to rebalance the availability of critical raw materials between Europe and the rest of the world and the sustainability of production processes (in particular, additive manufacturing ones).

  • Objective 4 – Validate KETs could support the evolution of current end-of-life processes towards a sharing of information with all the end-users (both industrials and consumers).

  • Objective 5 – Prove how production process flexibility could be exploited to easily reuse/reconfigure capacity all over Europe for several supply chains, what are the processes enabling their integration (and the creation of new ones) and how they could be able to offer new business opportunities from the treatment of different kinds of materials and the development of sustainable product-services.