“New business models and industrial strategies for novel supply chains enabling value-added product-services”

A modular plant for the joined manufacturing/demanufacturing of products/components, the sustainable recovery of materials and the reuse of powdered materials in several additive manufacturing applications is a completely new market niche, matching together several Key Enabling Technologies (KETs). FENIX will allow the expansion of this market niche, by reaching other markets interested in exploiting its results.


FENIX will demonstrate how three completely different industrial sectors (e.g. WEEE management, jewellery and 3D printing equipments) could be linked together in a more sustainable and networked supply chain able to cope with overcapacity issues, adopt industry 4.0 principles and exploit social media benefits in industrial systems. The final aim is to improve customer awareness about innovative materials recovery systems, sustainable reuse of resources and joined B2B vs B2C cooperation. This way, starting from a common source of secondary materials, three completely different markets (with completely different demands) could exploit the same plant and constitute a networked supply chain. Hence, FENIX could become the best mean for demonstrating the credibility and the technological/financial/environmental/social robustness of this new business to interested parties, being them industrial companies or private customers needing materials (or asking for advanced services).