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Five results of FENIX cited by the EC’s Innovation Radar

Five results coming from FENIX have been cited by the EC’s Innovation Radar and will be cited in the related platform/app ( 3D Scanning of human faces for customized jewellery with custom firmware to run the 3D hardware Circular economy implementations as a mean to enable sustainability of production processes […]

FENIX mention on the EC’s Innovation Radar

Dear all, we are proud to inform you that two of the innovations developed in the FENIX project have been analysed by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar. Details of these innovations, and how they were categorised by the analysis, are as follows: – Innovation Title: Circular economy implementations as a […]

3DHUB-I3DU 3D face scanning & 3D printed jewels

Within FENIX, 3DHUB and I3DU developed an innovative (custom made) equipment for 3D scanning of human faces to be used during the customization of 3D printed jewels produced starting from precious metals recovered from e-wastes. This video shows the whole process developed at 3DHUB and I3DU labs. #H2020 #circulareconomy […]