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CIM-UPC’s Direct Ink Writing (DIW) process

The FENIX Project seeks to develop new business models and industrial strategies for three novel supply chains in order to enable value-added products-services. On the other hand, FENIX is the representation of a set of success stories derived from the application of CIRCULAR ECONOMY PRINCIPLES in different industrial sectors. FENIX […]

Next FENIX dissemination activities

Dear all, FENIX partners are going to participate in several conferences during the next months. These are: the World Manufacturing Forum (Cernobbio – Como Lake – Italy), In3Dustry fair (Barcelona – Spain) and T-Gold fair (Vicenza – Italy). They will be waiting for you in our FENIX boots. #Fenixproject #H2020 […]

FENIX 3D face scanning

In the FENIX process the jewellery use case will use a custom made 3D scanner in order to scan the human faces and produce highly customised jewellery with recycled precious metals from PCB’s. In order to capture the human face the FENIX team created a prototype scanner which uses 15 […]