CIM-UPC’s Direct Ink Writing (DIW) process

The FENIX Project seeks to develop new business models and industrial strategies for three novel supply chains in order to enable value-added products-services. On the other hand, FENIX is the representation of a set of success stories derived from the application of CIRCULAR ECONOMY PRINCIPLES in different industrial sectors. FENIX will demonstrate how the adoption of circular economy principles can enable more sustainable supply chains, increasing quality, market value and alternative exploitation of secondary materials. Finally, it seeks to integrate Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) for the efficient recovery of secondary resources. FENIX will support the integration of different KETs within a single industrial plant. The project will take into account the principles of industry 4.0 and the circular economy, in order to improve the development of innovative business models and supply chains based on new types of product-service concepts. In The Framework of FENIX, CIM-UPC developed a DIW printer custom made for printing highly viscous Inks loaded with metallic particles extracted from wastes of electric and electronic equipment (WEEE). In this video the printer is depositing a 45%vol loaded ink of a FE NI alloy made with recycled WEEEs. A video of the DIW process can be seen at this YouTube link

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