Why does SingularLogic participates in FENIX?

“Through FENIX, SingularLogic foresees to expand its services in the Industry4.0 domain. Moreover, FENIX will enable us to deliver circular economy services in regards to the recycling processes of several Greek municipalities, which are among our key corporate accounts”, Stelios Pantelopoulos, Head of European Projects.

SingularLogic is invested in designing and implementing Industry 4.0 solutions for its network of costumers. One of the main obstacles encountered in this endeavor is the hesitation from the part of many organizations which view the disruption of their current processes as too high a risk compared to the potential benefits.

In this context, by applying a set of best practices that enable the monitoring of production lines, the production of insightful analytics and generations of suggestions, FENIX provides an excellent opportunity for demonstrating the efficiency and usefulness of Industry 4.0 techniques. SINGULARLOGIC will use the outcomes to demonstrate complete end to end DSS solutions and will try to exploit these outcomes by promoting the solution to organizations vested both in the domain of FENIX (e.g. recycling services of municipalities), as well as other domains, where digitization can be shown to offer increased performance, productivity and cost efficiency.