Why does BALance participates in FENIX?

“We are well known for Life Cycle Performance Analysis in Europe. FENIX gives us the possibility to apply our BAL.LCPA tool to assess the circular economy comprehensively. This is a big step forward to increase the sensitivity for a sustainable European economy. FENIX allows us to be a part of this development”, said Dr. Reinhard Ahlers, Managing Partner of BALance Technology Consulting

Role in FENIX

In the FENIX project BALance focuses on the assessment of the environmental and economical sustainability of the processes developed within FENIX. The Life Cycle Performance Analysis (LCPA) will be performed mainly in WP-2 which is led by BALance. The LCPA includes the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to ensure green materials and processes and the Life-Cycle Cost analysis (LCC) to focus on the economic viability of the FENIX results. The assessments are the basis for the definition and evaluation of the business models defined by FENIX. These models are the basis for the sustainability of the FENIX results beyond the project period.

Company focus

BALance Technology Consulting works directly and indirectly with the maritime and production industry for more than 20 years. Since 1996, as a consultancy firm based in Bremen, Germany, BALance has offered expert studies and services to industry and governmental bodies on strategy, markets, policy support, coaching, project management, assessment of economic potential, innovation management / development, process analysis, and customised software solutions. BALance’s customers comprise industrial companies from a range of sectors (steel production, shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, building and construction and the supply industries) and governmental organisations. BALance employs 18 people, including 14 specialists with degrees in naval architecture, mechanical engineering, production engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, international management, economics, law and medicine. About half of the specialists are working as consultants and project managers, whereas the other half are involved in IT development. BAL has comprehensive experience in

  • Knowledge management and organisation of documents
  • Life Cycle Performance Assessment
  • Composite material development
  • Software development, especially web-based applications

BALance is working in the field of Life Cycle Performance Assessment since 2003 and has developed an appropriate tool (BAL.LCPA) to perform the analysis.