Why does MBN participates in FENIX?

“FENIX gives MBN the possibility to explore and test new business models and new value chains that requires MBN’s expertise in producing powder metal powders, moreover FENIX is giving us the opportunity to develop new formulation specifically targeting binder assisted 3D printing technologies, based on FFF and Robocasting” explains Dr.Alvise Bianchin, Project Manager at MBN nanomaterialia.

MBN nanomaterialia is work package Leader for the Demonstration of the new Business Technologies, for its position in the middle of the supply chain. MBN is coordinating the technical activities of the partners  from the collection of PCBs to the printing of a new component, that inevitably pass through a powder form stage.

Since 1994 MBN Nanomaterialia is a producer of nanostructured powder materials trough a proprietary mechano-chemical synthesis process technology (Mechanomade®). With an installed industrial production capacity of 100 ton/range on 8 production plants, MBN is offering to the market innovative materials that are utilized in  powder metallurgy, spraying and laser deposition processes. Typical output of the process is constituted by metal and metal cercamic composite  powders in the micron-size range (i.e. 5-100μm) constituted by stable aggregates of submicron particles and nanograins (i.e<100nm). The powder materials produced find application in a number of manufacturing chains as, conventional and fast sintering, laser sintering and coating deposition. MBN has a production of more than 40 tons/year of ferrous and non ferrous alloys for diamond grinding tools, that are applied by conventional sintering on cutting blades, saw and beads mainly for stone. Beside materials for grinding tools, MBN produce powderd for wear resitstance coatings deposited by Thermal Spraying (Ti based and WC-Co based) and in the last years MBN has been working on novel composites materials for high resolution additive manufacturing (direct micro laser sintering) and ODS high temperature alloys (Ni superalloys and TiAl) for LMD.