Why does 3DHUB participates in FENIX?

“Following the ongoing developments in all the 3D printer technologies it is clear that the “holy grail” that researchers and manufacturers are seeking is an affordable metal 3D printing method. This involves not only new processes, but also new materials that will provide metal capabilities using standard 3D printers, and this could be the key to unlock mainstream metal 3D printing” said Dr. Koutretsos, CEO of 3DHUB.

3DHUB, in close collaboration with I3DU, has several responsibilities in the FENIX project. Being a big 3D print service bureau with a great experience and large variety of 3D printers in ou labs, we are responsible in testing and validating the use of metal powders that come from recycled PCBs inside 3D printing filament materials made by I3DU. This involves extensive print tests and evaluation of every material batch.

In addition we are co-developing the face 3D scanner that will be used to capture face geometries in order to create precious metal jewelry using the recycled precious metal powders deriving from the hydrometallurgical process developed by FENIX. This includes the 3D design of the prototype, the hardware development, the 3D printing of the functional prototypes an also the coding of backend and frontend of the device.

Stay tuned for further details about our use cases and feel free to connect to FENIX User Forum for news/announcements and other important information! https:// forum.fenix-apps.eu

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