Why does I3DU participates in FENIX?

“We live in a world that 3D printing and 3D scanning are already changing the way we manufacture things and during this transition period we feel obligated to find ways to introduce benefits also coming from recycling and circular economy, that will add up to the rest of the additive manufacturing advantages” said Dr. George Smyrnakis, CEO of I3DU.

I3DU, in close collaboration with 3DHUB.gr, has several responsibilities in the FENIX project. They are responsible in showcasing the use of metal powders that come from recycled PCB waste streams, into two different use case studies.

The first is all about developing and testing new 3D printing filament materials that make use of these powders and introduce them into the 3D printing market as a potential commercial product. The second use case is about developing a new 3D scanning technique for capturing face geometries and using them to manufacture precious metal jewelry, again using recycled precious metal powders coming from the hydro-metallurgy process used by UNIVAQ, which is a really innovative raw materials recovery technology from e-wastes.

Stay tuned for more details about our use cases and feel free to connect to Fenix User Forum for News/Announcements and other important info!