CIM UPC’s Direct Ink Writing (DIW) printer

Congratulations to the students of the workshop “Additive manufacturing with recovered WEEE. The workshop has taken place at the the Ateneu de fabricació Fárica del sol the 18th and 19th of February 2020.
The Training formed future operating personnel to the use of the FENIX developed new DIW Printer. Participants where from 3 focus groups:  Private industry, Research teams and FABLabs.
The topics of this workshop where:  Introduction to DIW technology and its applications, Designing pieces and geometrical considerations to DIW parts,Gcode generation, 3d printing DIW machine explanation with slicer software, Workflow process and use of the machine.
In order to do it more dynamic, the theoretical part of the workshop saw the presence of several speakers:
–          Bernd Kopacek (SAT) presented the FENIX project
–          Lorea Sanz del Barrio (Ateneu de Fabricació) presented the Ateneu de fabricació
–          Louison Poudelet (CIM UPC) presented some technicalities of the printing process
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