I3DU’s 3D face scanning

Fenix project is developing a unique process for reintroducing recycled precious metals from waste electronics back to the circular economy in the form of highly personalised and customised jewellery. The process involves the following steps:

  • A Specialised 3D scanning hardware and software with accurate face scanning capability is installed in direct point of sales (jewellery stores)
  • Clients have the ability to scan their face and through a selection of pre-existing designs order on site a fully personalised and customised piece of jewellery with their 3D facial characteristics 
  • Custom software processes the order and sends the 3D model directly to the manufacturing site for 3D printing and casting.
  • Precious metals recovered by electronic waste recovery processes introduced by FENIX are used in the casting process
  • The processed order is shipped directly to the customer or jeweller

Development in FENIX is advancing both on the hardware and software level as well as in the content creation. Below are the first sets of jewellery developed for use in this process inspired by fire and water. These are the base jewels in which the 3D scanner will replace the existing generic face with the face of the client being scanned giving for the first time the ability to individuals to buy highly personalised and customised jewellery with their own face.

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