Why is FCIM’s Additive Manufacturing Lab Involved in FENIX?

Circular business models and industrial strategies suggested in FENIX will be verified in practice through the exploitation of different existing plants, satisfactory reconfigured and integrated basing on circular needs considered during the project. CIM-UPC is involved at the end of the value chain by developing a 3D printer capable to print the materials recovered from WEEE. During the past months, the research team of CIM UPC has designed,  developed and testes, with satisfactory results, a Direct Ink Writing equipment capable to print High solid-content metallic inks. With the aim of creating knowledge and technology transfer, CIM-UPC will carry out a workshop so the average citizen can learn how to use this technology. The event will present the advances in 3D printing made and the participants will gain understanding of how to design and print with the recovered material.

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