Why is UNIVAQ’s pilot plant involved in FENIX?

UNIVAQ’s pilot plant is based on a hydrometallurgical process dedicated to PCB recycling. It was implemented inside a container to be tested and demonstrated onsite by SMEs. Currently, it is located in Avezzano (AQ – Italy). Given its high flexibility, it is possible to simulate several operations (e.g. chemical leaching, precipitation, chemical reduction, filtration, metal recovery by electrolysis) in a unique pilot. The pilot works with a semi-automatic procedure with a dedicated software able to assist each step for the overall recovery of base and precious metals. Actually, several training activities and pilot tests are in progress to demonstrate the scale-up of the UNIVAQ’s process. These processes have been patented and a continuous study is in progress, in order to define technical, economic and environmental feasibility of the solution. Currently, the pilot plant recovers copper, tin oxide, gold, silver and palladium.

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