Why does POLIMI participates in FENIX?

We have been attracted by the chance to demonstrate in practice potential benefits coming from the adoption of the circular economy paradigm”, explains Prof. Sergio Terzi, Associate Professor at POLIMI.

POLIMI has several responsibilities in the FENIX project. Firstly, POLIMI is managing the identification of circular business models suitable for FENIX and a set of KPIs able to measure their circularity performance. Secondly, POLIMI is supporting the practical implementation of the FENIX small-scaled circular economy through the sharing of its Industry 4.0 Lab, where a dedicated semi-automated disassembly cell will be implemented for the disassembly of smartphones and other kinds of WEEEs. Finally, POLIMI is managing the whole dissemination and communication of the FENIX project.

POLIMI is the most important technical university in Italy and one of the best in Europe, according to recent rankings. Since 1863, POLIMI has been active in several scientific and technical fields and will join the project through the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering (DIG). This team groups almost 70 researchers, expert on several manufacturing areas (from Manufacturing Strategy, to Sustainable and Energy Efficient Manufacturing, from Human Centric Manufacturing, from Product and Service Development, to Product Lifecycle Management). This team has already coordinated more than 10 European projects in the last 12 years.

In addition, POLIMI is one of the leading partners of the World Manufacturing Forum (WMF) – an annual international conference held in Cernobbio (Como Lake – Italy) promoting innovation and development and improving competitiveness in all nations through dialogues and cooperation among the manufacturing sector’s key players. WMF’s attendees are large, medium and small enterprises, institutions, academia, researchers and policy makers from all over the world operating in the manufacturing sector. In 2018, WMF attracted about 900 participants from 40 countries.